Workout From Home

We know. Getting to the gym is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. Either you’re scheduling yourself to join some insane fitness class where your face isn’t any more recognized than your backside, or you’re wasting time waiting for the crowds to finally dismount the overused treadmills. Either way, more than likely, the day’s workout was more stressful on your emotional state than it was your muscles. We agree. It’s time to change things up.

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Punch Fit Member Testimonials

"Chris and Aneta are amazing. Quite simple. I have never worked with two people who not only are incredibly passionate about teaching and training but who also genuinely care about their members. I started at Punch Fit in the fall because I always wanted to learn how to box and felt I needed a change in my workout routine." -Danny

"Amazing! I was looking for a clean gym where I could learn techniques, as well as get a great workout, so I reached out to Punch Fit and I couldn't be happier!! Chris and Aneta are amazing trainers, very friendly and welcoming, who encourage me to push myself."-Chris

"Aneta and Chris are awesome!! They will NOT allow you to fail. They push you to be excellent and work out to your full potential. I know if I were working out on my own I wouldn’t push myself hard. With them, I see results quick - when Im consistent. Your body will transform right before your eyes. Your confidence level and self esteem will sky rocket! Whether you are totally out of shape and trying to lose weight or in shape and looking to go to the next level. They got you - don’t hesitate! " -Shelly